When your home and belongings are compromised by water, mold, fire or hazardous substances, they will need to be cleaned by a professional company. Texforce Restoration Services has the experience necessary to thoroughly clean your items and restore them to their original state, or as close as possible. Having to work through the after-effects of emergencies and natural disasters is already difficult and emotional. You can rely on Texforce Restoration Services to clean and restore your property and belongings so you can focus your energy where it’s needed.


Several factors are considered before we clean any items. The degree of contamination and the space available will determine if we clean the items on location or if we transport them to our facility. Proper restoration and care are our primary concerns regarding your belongings. Often, we must transport contaminated items to prevent cross-contamination or further damage.

Our highly trained service professionals carefully identify the items that must be cleaned and restored. All contents are photographed, inventoried and carefully packaged for transport. We prioritize what must be cleaned first and work accordingly. We understand that living without your belongings is difficult, especially after enduring the events that caused them to need restoring. Our top priority is to take care of your items and mitigate any issues that can arise from inappropriately cleaned items.

Upon completion, your items are carefully repackaged and transported back to your property and reinstalled where they originally were.