Biohazard cleanup requires a professional team for removal, cleanup and remediation. Texforce Restoration Services is your top-rated emergency cleanup service provider for commercial and residential properties. We take care of a full array of medical, biological, chemical and natural disaster emergencies. Our highly trained technicians have the experience necessary to thoroughly clean and remediate these dangerous substances.

Inadequately cleaned biohazards will be a source of reoccurring problems. When you have the professional team with Texforce Restoration Services handle your job, you have a trusted company that will make your facility or home safe again. Our discretion and capabilities make us the top emergency cleanup service in the area.


Backup of sewage or contaminated water is not treated in the same way as storm water. Sewage backups are considered contaminated and require a highly specialized method to prevent health concerns and long-term structural problems. Disease, mold and parasites can be avoided when you have Texforce Restoration Services clean up your exposed areas. Protect your family, friends or customers with our commercial and residential cleanup.


When blood, bodily fluids, and other medical cleaning is needed, rely on Texforce Restoration Services. Dangerous microbes that can lead to significant medical problems for those who unknowing come in contact with them should be removed and all surfaces cleaned by a professional. We provide our clients with advanced blood and medical substances removal and cleaning. If cleaned improperly, you run the risk of blood-borne pathogens like Hepatitis B or C, AIDS, HIV and more.


If overpowering odors are overtaking your property, Texforce Restoration Services will help. Our process for odor removal will eliminate the smells and prevent them from returning. Strong odors caused by animals, human waste and spoiled food need to be treated professional to ensure they do not spread bacteria or disease. Our process will remove the odors causing substance, and treat the affected area, eliminating all traces. Whatever is causing to odor problem in your property, Texforce Restoration Services can take care of it.